Anderson Farms
Contact: Brad & Leanne Anderson
Address: Box 136 Cypress River, MB, R0K0P0
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Phone: 204-535-2261
About Us
Leanne and Brad grew up within 3 miles of each other but didn’t really get to know one another until the end of University. They got married in 2006 and have been blessed with four beautiful children: Mason (2007), Emily (2008), Tyler (2010) and their youngest, Brady (2012). They also have a dog, Panda Face, which they recently adopted. He loves to follow the children around when they do chores and keeps watch around the yard.

They are located in the Argyle municipality. The Anderson Family farm has been in operation for over 135 years. Currently it is approximately 1520 acres in total of crop and hay land. Brad and Leanne have bought into the farming operation and have been growing steadily since they grew their first crop in 2005. They grow a variety of crops including: wheat, rye, hemp, corn, sunflowers and more!

They currently own and run the operation with the help of their children, especially their oldest, Mason, and also the help of a hired student or two and seasonal help at harvest.

In the early days they were working with Brad’s dad and were slowly taking over the farm while starting their family. They were looking for ways to reduce dependence on off farm jobs, and that led them into livestock production. Quickly ruling out a large industrial style operation for various reasons (unnatural treatment of animals, high financial risk) they looked in a different direction.
After they met some of the people at the harvest moon society, and after reading a couple of books by Joel Salatin, they were convinced that holistic farming and direct marketing was the direction to head. It is nice to know exactly where your food is coming from, that it has no added chemicals and has had a happy life. That is something that they can feel good about feeding to their children.

They started small with 10 pasture raised chickens in 2007. The chickens were so delicious and they knew that it was a viable business, so in the next year, 2008, they had 100 chickens. After that 300, then 500 in 2010 and now just under 1000. They receive the chicks in early May and butcher them in early july to sell throughout the next seasons.

Enjoying the success of raising and selling chickens, they were looking to further diversify to take advantage of their land base which includes some pasture and hay land. They initially thought cows, but they were talked into outdoor pasture raised pigs by some of their Harvest Moon friends. Like with the chickens they started out small with 2 pigs and enjoyed the taste of them so much that now they are up to around 300 to sell as meats and 100-200 as weanlings. The pigs farrow year round but they aim to have majority in February in order to sell weanlings later in the year.

They have also got into raising free range turkeys, which was enjoyable and successful. They currently raise around 99 turkey’s to sell every year. They get the poults in the end of May and butcher them in time for Thanksgiving.

Their goal is to have a nice family farm that the whole family can be involved with. The children have really enjoyed the addition of animals to their farm. The day that the chicks arrive has always been one that they all look forward to. Their third child, Tyler, has really taken to the pigs and likes to go and check on them daily! They are currently working on expanding their meat operation with the partnership of Spring Creek Farms at their meat shop in Cypress River, MB. It has been a fun adventure so far and they hope to continue with the adventures in the years to come!!
They raise their animals in a natural and humane setting without the use of antibiotics, hormones or other medications. All of their animals are pasture raised so they have daily access to fresh green grass, clean drinking water and all the space they need to roam around. Letting them live the way nature intended makes for a happy farm!!