Prairie Quinoa
Contact: Percy & Beverly Phillips
Address: Box 1523 Portage la Prairie, MB, R1N 1P3
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Phone: 204-871-0831
About Us
The Amber Quinoa for sale through Harvest Moon Food was grown in Manitoba! We have been working on cultivating quinoa in Manitoba since 2011 that included variety trials with MAFRD since 2014. My first efforts to cultivate quinoa here in Manitoba were with my son-in-law of River Valley Specialty Farms, Bagot Manitoba, and we have continued to work together on cultivating quinoa in Manitoba. Quinoa has been grown successfully by us in demonstration plots and fields from Morden to Swan River.

The Amber Quinoa is conventional quinoa – meaning it was not grown in certified organic conditions.

Amber Quinoa was cleaned and processed here in Manitoba, I have had it tested in order to meet gluten-free content. The quinoa we grow itself is gluten free and the testing was to verify that it was not contaminated by gluten in the cleaning facility.

River Valley Specialty Farms is a hemp producer here in Manitoba. Hemp seed has a shell and it is the mini-nut of the prairies and once shelled can be added in raw form to breakfast cereal, yogurt, as a salad topping or even on top of toast & peanut butter with a topping of hemp.
Amber Quinoa has been grown in Manitoba with best crop production practices, but not on certified organic soil so is not certified organic quinoa. However, each crop of quinoa and each field is tested for gluten and residue before being packaged and sold after being harvested with conventional grain growing equipment!
River Valley Specialty Farms grows both conventional and certified organic hemp - what is being sold through Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative is natural or conventional Shelled Hemp Seed.