DeRuyck's Top of the Hill Farm
Contact: Dan and Fran DeRuyck
Address: Box 153 Treherne, MB, R0G 2V0
Email Address:
Phone: 204-526-2066
About Us
History of farm / Business: We were both raised on farms, and we started farming together in 1988, we bought this farm in 1993. We had a mixed farm with cows, pigs, a few chickens and grain. We turned to organic farming in 2004, and raise Certified Organic grassfed cattle and grains that we process into flour and flakes on the farm. The farm has been a great place to raise our 4 children into wonderful, responsible adults.

Farm / Food Philosophy: We believe in eating good, healthy food and want to grow better, safer food and help other farmers to do the same in a sustainable way.

Favourite Manitoba Meal: Fran's is liver and onions, Dan's is roast beef and both like to add garden fresh potatoes, corn and freshly baked multi-grain buns. The kids love pasta and home-made pizza.

Why are you involved in HMLFI: We started because we wanted help distributing our product, but now we want to help others and to help the group achieve their farm gate goals. This is such a great avenue to help others!

Something fun to know about me: Dan, loves the variety of farm work: building and repairing, farm fences, doing chores and playing music. Fran loves to spend time with their grandchildren and to play music: clarinet, guitar, piano, banjo and the saxophone! "We believe in community service, helping others and keeping our rural communities alive!"
We are Certified Organic, following the strict rules of the Canadian Organic Standards. So we don't use any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, hormones or antibiotics. We are inspected anually by Organic Producers Association of Manitoba (OPAM) endorsed inspectors and by the provincial inspectors.

With our grains, flours and flakes, we do try to eliminate as much cross-contamination as we can, however we do not claim to be a gluten free operation.