Notre Dame Creamery
City: Notre Dame, MB,
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About Us
Notre Dame Creamery. producer of conventionally churned style butter, is one of the few small town creamers left in Canada. Notre Dame Creamery was built in 1921 by St. Boniface Dairy in the French village of Notre Dame de Lourdes, MB, which is located 100 kilometers SW of Winnipeg. After a few decades, in 1964, Notre Dame Creamery was purchased by Meinrad Roch, who still works there but has since passed the tradition to his son, Guy Roch. He is now the current owner of Notre Dame Creamery.
The original product to this company is the Notre Dame Creamery Butter, which is made in the conventional turn and the packaged by the pound or else in a 25 kilogram box, either salted or unsalted.
They craft their butter from fresh and local cream which is purchased from Bothwell Cheese, which is located in New Bothwell, MB.
Notre Dame Creamery prides itself by its uniqueness in the fact that they are of few that use a conventional butter churn. This churn allows the company to produce a butter that is textured in its old and traditional style instead of the whipped texture we see today. It also allows them to produce quality product time after time since it produces smaller batches which in turn allows them to monitor the quality and consistency more closely.
There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients added to the making of their Notre Dame Creamery Butter.
They are also Federally licensed.