Windy Lake Farm
Contact: Andrew and Corinne Grift
Address: Box 355 Swan Lake, MB, R0G 2S0
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About Us
History of farm / Business:
This farm was an open field in 1988; we built the house and barns ourselves, and used many salvaged materials from old buildings. We were both raised on farms nearby dairy, hogs and chickens. Corrine and I both love animals and always wanted to farm so we decided to go for it. Our son Josh loves the farm too and hope he takes it on someday.

It is our belief that small family farms support rural communities and the larger public much more than the larger factory farms. The current hog sector in our province is an example of factory farming gone wrong; how family farmers and the province were promised to receive benefits, when in reality much of what we got was a disaster - economically, socially and environmentally.

Farm / Food Philosophy?
We like to raise and feed people healthy food!

Favourite Manitoba Meal?
Farm raised pork roast,fresh garden vegetables

Why are you involved in HMLFI?
We believe in family farms and it is nice to be part of a group that wants to work together and help keep each other positive about the future of food and farming. We hope that the next generation, Josh, will benefit from our involvement.

"It's nice to be a part of a group that is pulling together to keep our small towns alive."

Something fun to know about me?
Andrew: I like to invent and make things out of old unused items, my favourite store is the garbage dump!
Corrine: I like to collect stamps and coins, and I write daily in a diary, it will become the history of our life!
Josh: I like to play baseball.