Good Earth Gardens and Berries
Contact: John and Pamela Griffin
Address: Box 185 Glenboro, MB, R0K 0X0
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Phone: 204-827-2706
About Us
The Griffins have a small family farm with 4 acres producing strawberries for market, but also a large garden, and other fruit bushes and trees.
Pam grew up on a farm but did not dream of farming. Instead, she tried many other places and jobs before landing in Red Deer, Alberta and finding John. John grew up in the city, Sherwood Park mostly, and always enjoyed outdoor activities but had little experience with farms.
After their daughter Anna was born in 2005, they re-evaluated their choices and decided that they would like to live closer to their values, and closer to the land. They sold their house and found 22 acres and a house close to Glenboro in 2008 with the dream of having a strawberry farm. Since that time, their family has grown to include Evan (2008) and Lucy (2010). John works a full-time job (in 4 days) in Winnipeg and farms on weekends. Pam makes jam, home-schools, is a doula, volunteers and farms.
Since organic produce is seriously limited in the rural grocery stores, the Griffins try to grow as much of their own food as possible and support the other small farmers doing the same. Their children eat a LOT of strawberries so it has always been very important to manage the fields with as little chemical as possible. They learn more every year. They are active hosts for WWOOF to help manage the weeds, hoping to get away from applying a herbicide. The farm's 40,000 feet of rows are hand-weeded so they can certainly use the help.
We have never sprayed insecticides or fungicides on our plants- flowers or fruit. In contrast to standard practice for other strawberry producers in Manitoba include 2-3 insecticide applications during the month that flower turns to fruit-yikes.
We manage our soil fertility with rotating cover crops. We manage our fungus levels with air flow and row spacing.

We have, once a year, applied a herbicide to our fields in the late fall/early winter once the plants are dormant, before covering with straw.
When desired, fertilizer is applied through the underground drip irrigation system.