Sweet Prairie Greens
Contact: Tiffannie Pierson
Address: 64 Bonneteau Ave Ile Des Chenes, Mb, R0A0T1
Email Address:
Phone: 204-806-5984
About Us
Sweet Prairie Greens operates an urban farm using organic growing methods and sustainable resources in Ile des Chenes, Manitoba. Utilizing a high yield/ low impact agriculture model to provide Winnipeg and the surrounding areas with fresh, nutritious produce 52 weeks a year. Creating more food safety and security within the city.
Sweet Prairie Greens was started in 2017 when Tiffannie got laid off of an accounting position she had been at for roughly four years. This gave her some time to evaluate what she wanted in life and which direction she wanted to go. She chose to apply to an organic microgreen farm in the Kootenay region of B.C as an office intern. After the interview she was hired straight away. They allowed her to bring her one year old black lab along for the journey and so she was sold. Upon the arrival she was shown to her accommodation, a 180 sq ft tiny home (sq footage included the 65 sq ft loft!). Needless to say it was love at first sight for her and a huge adjustment, the exact adjustment she needed at that point in her life. It was a community farm with between 10-16 staff working together and sharing all the common spaces, eating a mostly vegan diet. She learned how to grow microgreens amongst a variety of other things, and learned a person can do anything they set their mind too.
After moving back to Manitoba the idea of starting a microgreen/ urban farm here in Manitoba was already starting to sprout in her mind. From there it was getting her financials in order and a business plan down on paper and just jumping in head first. She got into a few farmers markets last year to get the business name out, and from there started gaining leads on possible customers and growing those into weekly customers. And so, Sweet Prairie Greens was built.
Sweet Prairie Greens acquires the seed from Mumm’s sprouting seeds for the microgreens and then a combination of both T&T Seeds, Sage Garden and other local seed suppliers. However, this year she will be trying to save seeds to use next year in her garden beds.
The plants are generally grown 7 - 12 days before they are to be harvested and sold. They are grown in her spare bedroom that has been converted into a grow room.
Tiffannie works by herself for the most part but her mom does volunteer to help on most Sundays which is the busiest day since it is harvest day. She also enjoys the company of her black lab, Apollo and her cat, Felix.
She sells her products at a few farmers markets and deliveries including: Cramptons Market, Fresh Option Organic Delivery, Prairieroutes (an online ordering system) and Piazza di Nardi.
In the future, Tiffannie hopes to expand the farm operation, buy more land and become more self sustainable.

Working in harmony with both the environment and the community that environment directly supports.
Organic growing methods.
Non GMO/ organic seed.
Green manure cover cropping on outdoor beds.
Bokashi composting system for used microgreen soil.