Richmond Honey Farm
Contact: Bren & Tasha Richmond
Address: Box 152 Cypress River, , R0K 0P0
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Phone: 204-743-2373
About Us
Richmond Honey Farms is located near Cypress River, Manitoba. The farm is operated by Art Richmond and his two youngest sons Bren and Cam Richmond. Art & Wanda began farming in 1981, and up to last year they recently moved from the farm allowing Bren & his wife Tasha and daughter Taryn to move on the home farm. Bren grew up helping his dad farm, and purchased bees with his brother Cam after graduating high school. The three men operate 1800 hives within a 40-mile radius. They also graft their own queens, by raising your queens your using more local genetics that will do better in your local environment.

Tasha took the Agribusiness program at Assiniboine College and became very interested in the marketing courses and began focusing the information towards the honey farm. Tasha and Taryn attend local farmer’s markets and craft sales selling products from the hive and enjoy direct marketing with the consumers. Taryn is a great advocate for bee pollen, she can tell you all the benefits of taking bee pollen daily and does enjoy it daily in her smoothies.
We began making candles on the farm since beeswax candles have amazing benefits. Beeswax candles have a much higher melting point so therefore burn for a much longer period of time. When the beeswax candles are lit they produce negative ions that clean and purify the air. Negative ions are drawn to positive ions, positive ions hold on to dust, mold and odors. The negative ions while the candle is lit attach to positive ions cleaning and purifying the air not to mention the aroma is intoxicating smelling of raw honey!

To ensure that the candle will burn cleanly across the top and avoiding tunneling, burn your candle for one hour for the diameter. So if your candle is 3 in’ diameter, burn for 3 hours to ensure a more even burn. When extinguishing a candle, avoid blowing out the lit flame. Dip the lit wick into the pool of wax with a dipper, after the flame has been extinguished make sure the wick is propped up for easy relighting.

On the farm we extract our honey during the summer season, at that time all of our raw honey is bottled into containers to be sold to the consumer. We are guaranteeing our honey is raw and pure and all natural, we strive to care for our bees at the very best by supplying them with yards that are near many wild flowers, clover, organic grown crops as well as other annual production.

Why are we involved in HMLFI?

We love what harvest moon stands for, supplying locally grown, made or collected products and supplying it to consumers with awareness about the importance of knowing how food is grown and collected and the importance of knowing your farmer!