RT Farms
Address: Box 528 Gladstone, MB, R0J0T0
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Phone: 204-872-2458
About Us
Taylor Gabor grew up in Cypress River, Manitoba on her family farm and knew farming was something she wanted to do long term. Therefore right out of high school she attended Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba for Agribusiness where she met Rory Gabor. He was also attending ACC for Agribusiness.
Together in 2014, they graduated with Agribusiness Diplomas.

They decided to settle down in Gladstone, Manitoba where Rory had grew up farming with his dad and brother on the family grain/cattle operation.
RT Farms is located between Gladstone and Plumas, Manitoba. We started farming together in 2015 as RT Farms, when we bought a sheep flock from Taylor’s Father. The original ‘Gabor Farms’ farm yard wasn’t set up for raising sheep so in 2015, we also began renting a run down feed lot that had been taken over by grass and needed lots of TLC. We have now transformed it into paddocks where we rotational graze/bale graze our flock on year round.

We believe in producing the best meat that we can for you and by doing that our lambs are grass fed, no artificial hormones and are antibiotic free. Thank you and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer!