Stewart South Shore Meats
Contact: Darcy & Shayna Stewart
Address: Box 383 Crystal City, MB, R0K 0N0
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Phone: 204-208-0119
About Us
Our family farm is located in the Clearwater/Crystal City area, just south of Rock Lake. This was our inspiration for our business name, Stewart South Shore Meats.

Greg & Brenda started farming in early 80's, they started out with sheep, chickens, cattle & grain land, as well as a young family. Danny, Kara & Darcy all joined the family through the 80's and in 1983, they all moved to the farm that Greg's parents bought shortly after World War II.

During the 1990's and 2000's, the farm adjusted and grew throughout the good times and hard times. Both Danny and Darcy left the farm out of high school for different reasons - Danny advanced his education, gaining his Heavy Diesel Mechanics, as well as working within the ag industry. Darcy played junior hockey all over the country, forming connections with people everywhere he went. In 2011, the opportunity was presented to have both boys come home and farm with their parents .

Danny, Rheagan & their son, Emmett live on the farm that the Stewart family started out on. Darcy & Shayna, along with their four children, Everley, Vaughn, Paxton & Zanne, live on a farm south of Rock Lake that they purchased in 2011. Greg & Brenda recently moved to Crystal City, where they are still very much involved in the farm, but only when they aren't spending time with their 8 grandchildren.
Over the last few years we have transitioned half our farm to regenerative practices. It was designed to help our cattle herd to be more resilient and to mirror more of what mother nature intended.

In the fall 2018, we planted our first cover crop. The intention was to have some fall grazing for our cow herd. An added bonus to this new way of farming was that Darcy developed a great interest in soil health and regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative Ag has really gained traction over the last few years, with an emphasis in farming within the local ecosystem. For our cattle and our regenerative grain acres, we try to have a green living root in the soil, cycling carbon from the atmosphere and using it in plant growth, while storing the rest in our soil, where it belongs.

We recently took a Holistic Management course and it has helped us create a path to graze our cattle earlier in the growing season and later after freeze up. We believe with this system, we are doing our best to mimic how the buffalo lived with a rotation of planned grazing. At the present time, we are feeding through the winter months, but are growing a high quality annually planted crop. We plant a multi-specie crop full of cool or warm season plants or winter annuals in which we can eliminate chemical fertilizer and in crop herbicides.

Our finished beef is not pushed to be fat, rather they take their time to grow naturally and reach their natural potential. They are fed regeneratively grown grain, silage and dry forage through the winter which balances their ration and allows them to grow but not pushed in our harsh winter environment.

During the growing season, we embrace having our animals out grazing in a planned grazing system helping cycle carbon into our soil. We do not use pesticides on our animals currently and would like to continue to avoid using them in the future,

Vaccines and antibiotics are still used, but are only used as needed. It is our belief that if our soil is healthy and resilient, than our cattle will be as well. The most important thing we do on our farm is to improve the health of our soil, the byproduct is having healthy beef.