Spring Creek Farm Inc.
Contact: Jessica Chamberlin, Andy Chamberlin, Ian Cabernel
Address: Box 45 33115 71W Cypress River, MB, R0K0P0
Email Address:
Phone: 204-743-2154
About Us
Spring Creek Farm is located between Cypress River and Bruxelles in the Tiger Hills. The farm has been family run for over a century. Andy is a meat cutter by trade and is one of the owners of the Spring Creek Farm Inc. Jessica, another owner, is a full time farmer and sister to Andy. They both specialize in different sectors of the farm. Jessica is the main livestock manager with her focus on the pork and poultry. Ian who is the third owner of the business, is a Red Seal Mechanic. He also is a full time farmer who specializes in the grains and equipment. Jackie (spouse of Andy) is our main Marketer and is a full time mother. She helps to keep everyone on track and keep things in order! We raise South Devon cattle, Pastured Pork (Berkshire, Tamworth, Large Black, Hampshire and Herefords), Pastured Chickens (Grazers and Cornish Cross Giants), Pastured Turkeys and Ducks. Us "kids" have taken over the main portion of the farm as our parents (Lisa Clouston and Greg Wood) transition into retirement. We live on a farm with 3 active generations on it. We all have our own roles to make it work smoothly and it is a tremendously rewarding way of life.
We are proud of the care we give to our animals. We use the Holistic Management framework to run our farm to balance personal, financial and livestock sectors. The animals are raised outdoors their entire lives and live off of the land. We mob graze the cattle so they have fresh lush grass all summer and bale graze in the winter. Pigs are on pasture all year round with access to a dugout to wallow in in the warmer months. The poultry are on fresh lush grass until butcher time. We follow the Harvest Moon protocols for humanly, sustainability and non-chemical intervention. Most of our animals are heritage or rare breeds, so they are hardy, have their natural living and mothering instincts, are disease resistant, are happy with their outdoor lifestyles and are tasty too. We are a regenerative farm which focuses on healing the land with the animals and farming practices. We are proud of our livestock and meat products. We hope you enjoy the food as much as we enjoy it!