Real Garlic
Contact: Gregg & Jolene Thiessen
City: Oak Lake, MB, R0M 1P0
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Phone: 204-809-9566
About Us
Real Garlic was established in the fall of 2016 when we suddenly realized our daughters were growing up! Our goal was to find a “hands in the dirt” way to work alongside our daughters to save for future post secondary costs or save for weddings.

Everything we do, from manual labor to marketing and customer service is being modeled, taught and experienced as a family. Now they are starting to tell us how to do it!

Gregg was raised on a grain farm and Jolene on a mixed organic farm and working the soil has been calling to us. We are still looking for an acreage to meet our needs but will make do with what we have available to us.

We see a great need to grow and supply fresh, healthy food and have wanted to be as natural and organic as possible. Garlic was a perfect crop for us to start with as we had been growing our own supply for many years and it does not need a lot of space. Not only does garlic offer so many incredible health benefits, it brings so much flavor when it is fresh from the field to the table. We personally love it roasted!

Summer 2019 we have reached a goal ~ our first born daughter is getting married and we are welcoming a son! Thank you to all our customers for your have helped fund a beautiful outdoor wedding in August 2019!
In 2018 we added a wide variety of herbs to our garlic (for mixes) but are still in process of getting approved for retail sales. At the moment we are approved for Farmer’s Market and Farm Gate sales.

We will be offering organically grown, uncertified, garlic in 13 varieties.
Music Porcelain
Chesnok Red
Korean Purple
Ukrainian Hot
Baba Franchuk’s
Red Russian
Russian Red
Georgian Fire * Hot hot
Island Star Softneck
German Red
Northern Quebec
Persian Star

Each garlic order will come with some recipes and tips and tricks for storing and cooking your garlic. Be prepared to taste the difference that Real Garlic makes!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Every clove is planted...weeded...harvested...inspected by hand. The land we grow on was previous hay land, so lots of volunteer clover for ground cover as well as straw is used to try to keep weeds down. We used very old sheep manure for fertilizer and do have sprinklers set up to water because garlic is thirsty