Healthy Harvest Farm
Address: P.O. Box 212 Winnipeg, , R3V 1L6
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Phone: 204-254-0187
About Us
Healthy Harvest Farm (located just south of Winnipeg) was first established 102 years ago, and for many years it was a thriving market garden. In previous years, the McKee family has just produced enough for their own family, friends, and those in need. However, they have often considered expanding
and growing enough to sell, and this is the year they decided to take the leap!

Normally, Anita purchases all of their seeds from Heritage Harvest Seeds located here in Manitoba, but due to the high demand, Heritage Harvest Seeds sold out quickly and early this year. So, she searched for another place that offered heritage/organic seeds and thankfully was able to purchase from Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds located in Palmerston, Ontario. In addition to these seeds, they also use some of their own seeds harvested from the previous year (originating from Heritage Harvest).

Plants are sown directly into the ground at the end of May or early June, paying close attention to the soil temperature which can always be changing. Each seed is lovingly planted by hand, and while the plants are small, weeds are controlled by tilling in between rows. Once the plants are too large to till between, weed control is all done by hand. Harvesting takes place in early fall and again is all done by hand.

Anita and her husband enjoy growing and providing good quality food that is grown naturally and locally. This year, they are excited to be offering squash and pumpkins. In the future, Healthy Harvest Farm perhaps will expand and offer an increased variety of vegetables.

This will be the first time that Healthy Harvest Farm will be selling their products, Harvest Moon being the first to welcome them!

Not certified organic but everything is done naturally.
No use of chemicals or non-natural/non-organic sprays.
Use their own compost and only organic fertilizers.