Naosap Harvest Inc.
Contact: Tracy Wheeler-Anderson
Address: 100 Lakeside Avenue Cranberry Portage, MB, R0B 0H0
Email Address:
Phone: 204-271-1543
About Us
We live in beautiful northern Manitoba. We are lucky to live beside a gorgeous lake. My husband, his brothers and our kids all help to harvest our wild rice. I then market and sell it all over the world.

Our family is very active and we love the outdoors. We like to ski, skate, snowmobile, boat, explore, curl, ride horses, swim and generally have fun. I grew up on a farm and wanted my kids to grow up eating wholesome foods as I did. I like to know where my food comes from. Being a part of the harvesting process is indeed rewarding. Feeding my kids nutrient dense, organic food is important to me - that is why we eat certified organic wild rice!

Contrary to what many people believe, wild rice is not rice at all but a grass. Much of it sold today is grown in man made lakes or ponds(paddy rice or cultivated), where the lakes are drained in the fall for harvest. Our rice is all grown in Manitoba, Canada's natural, pristine lakes which produce a longer, fuller darker grain. As our summer days are longer, our natural rice has the opportunity to mature to perfection.
My favourite quote is "Eat Organic - OR as our Grandparents called it FOOD!"
Our rice is certified organic through OPAM (Organic Producers Association of Manitoba) and we are proud to announce Non-GMO verification through the Non-GMO Project.