Nature's Farm
Address: 5 Life Sciences Parkway Steinbach, MB, R5G 2G7
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Phone: 204-326-5509
About Us
Nature's Farm, located in Steinbach MB, was founded in 1993 and built on careful research and experience from being a food manufacturing business of eggs beginning in 1987. After the start of Nature's Farm, they also added Nature's Pasta, which focuses on creating gourmet pasta that is critiqued in its new standard of taste, texture and quality. They also moved with the addition of Nature's Farm Smart Eggs, which is a new line of specialty eggs that prides itself on having free run and organic varieties.
They have a firm belief in honesty, integrity, fairness, good stewardship, and hard work. They also focus on sustainable practices in the hope to secure a healthier and brighter future for their future generations. Although they believe in new innovative ways and developments, they hold sacred to traditional practices that make their products stand out.
As for its products, Nature's Farm Smart Eggs go through strict inspection at their egg-grading facility. Once they pass the test they are then shipped directly to their pasta-making manufacturer, Nature's Pasta. With the use of these deliciously rich eggs, quality gourmet pasta can be made to perfection.
Nature's Pasta manufacture is a productive, contemporary, purpose-built facility. They work as a family, along with dedicated local employees, in order to produce thousands of bags of pasta each week. These all-natural pasta products have been delivered to esteemed chefs and is featured at food shows by award-winning chefs and is featured at some of the finest restaurants in Canada and the United States, as well as being held in many family homes.
They are grateful for their success and give credit to a solid work ethic, respected old-traditional practices, and their dedication to a sustainable and healthy world. They are committed to ecological sustainability and stewardship. They are also proud to have developed innovative packaging, which is made fully out of wood-pulp film, which helps in the fight to minimize environmental impacts. With great pride in their products, Nature's Farm wishes for you to enjoy the natural flavor. freshness, and goodness, bringing happiness to your table.
The hens are housed in special swiss design aviary in a free run environment.